What do you want from an Architect?

Whether you’re planning a landmark home on a green field site or a simple extension to your existing house chances are you’ll need the services of an architect. As well as helping you to negotiate the demands of planning permission and building regulations, an architect can add creative flair to a job and help make the most of the space available. They should be able to advise you on making a house work for your needs and help avoid problems like awkward spaces, dark corners and a lack of storage space. Additionally they can help you select materials and fittings to suit the design.

Are they Register

When selecting an architect make sure that they’re registered with the ARB (Architect’s Registration Board) and ask around locally to see if other people have had experience of the firm and are happy with their work. Personal recommendation is always a good indicator. It’s important to find a practice that knows the local area too as they’ll be able to advise you on particular factors and conditions in the region.

Look to for firms that have worked on similar types of project to your own. Some architects specialise in certain styles of building so make sure that the one you choose understands what you want. It’s worth contacting two or three firms to get quotes and discuss your requirements. This will give you an idea of what they’ll be like to work with before you sign up.

How you use an architect is up to you; you can get them just to handle the design or you can have them manage the entire project from start to finish. The latter will be more costly – typically between 8% and 12% of the project budget – but may well be worth it in terms of having an expert on hand to ensure everything is running smoothly and to deal with any unforeseen problems.

Don’t be Brief

It’s important to establish a clear brief at the start and draw up a contract to ensure both sides know exactly what’s involved. This will help to avoid disputes arising later on. If you employ the architect to manage the build he’ll check the work and sign it off before you pay which can help avoid problems with the builder. It will usually put the builder at ease too, knowing that they’re dealing with a professional.

Whilst employing an architect may seem expensive, over the course of a building project it can actually save you money by helping you avoid problems and keep everything on track. Of course you can employ architectural consultants that provide many of these services and more, especially when searching locally for such as architects in Lincolnshire.

Shop Candles Online For Quick Wicks

Thanks to the huge online marketplace that is the Worldwide Web, it’s never been easier to shop candles online and to have them delivered to your door within days. Whether you are a classic candle lover who favors long tapers in standard wax varieties or an Earth-loving member of the “organic everything” squad, chances are that you will find the exact candle you envision by typing your description into a search engine. Discover quality candles at sites such as http://www.VillageCandle.com, and you may find yourself spending time at your computer instead of inside your local candle shop. Discover candle after candle that excite you. Here’s what you can expect as you shop candles online.

• Thorough descriptions of candle inventory – As a candle lover, you likely have used your sense of smell to determine many a candle purchase. The online experience is different than the tangible store experience, however. Unless you are simply re-ordering candles, you will need to depend on descriptions to make your purchasing decision easier. Great candle descriptions read much like wine tasting notes; for example, an online shopper may find comments such as “Warm cinnamon notes with a touch of apple spice for that idea holiday scent experience” as the descriptor for a cinnamon bun candle, or “strong hints of jasmine mellowed with natural vanilla” for a floral breeze candle. The more thorough the description, the better chance there is that you will be satisfied with the new candle purchase.

• Crisp pictures of available candles – If you cannot tell how large a jar candle is based on the picture online, the photographer likely did not do a thorough job during the shoot. You should feel as if you could reach through your computer onto a site such as http://www.VillageCandle.com to grasp your candle of choice. If you have any question as to the sizes, take a look at the candles you currently use and see if the dimensions online match up.

• Sound shipping and a guarantee that is not up for discussion – When you shop candles online, make sure that the company you purchase your candles from has a shipping and satisfaction guarantee. That way, you will feel secure that your candles will arrive in a speedy manner and that they will not be broken when the postman leaves them at your doorstep. If you are not sure if the online store offers these, email or call them before you purchase anything.

The Improvement of Swim Trunks for Men

Thankfully, the styles of swim trunks for men have come a long way over time. The late eighteen hundreds had men swim trunks as a very bulky and cumbersome garment that could weigh several pounds when it was wet, which really restricted the aquatic activities. The 1920′s brought about the strange regulations about decency on the beaches, and so modesty was far more important than comfort or even style. It wasn’t until the 1930′s that swimwear became a little more user friendly and more closely resembled the swim trunks of today, except that the suits then were usually a two piece suit rather than just trunks.

The modern swim trunks for men are deceptively simple, yet are really a project in the making. For example, once you consider the very heavy and restrictive suits of the past, it is easy to see why men have embraced spandex type fabrics and comfortably snug trunks and briefs – they are actually comfortable and are usually quite flattering as well. Although there are many types of fabrics used in men swim trunks, most will be made of a synthetic weave rather than all natural fabrics like cotton. The reason synthetics are preferred is because the trunks will not shrink and moisture can be wicked away for faster drying.

There are two basic types of swim trunks for men, and they are determined by length of the trunks. Some trunks go to knee length, and these are often worn by those who enjoy activities like surfing. Shorter mid-thigh men swim trunks are the most common type, and these lend themselves well to any activity in or out of the water. In fact, some men feel that these are so comfortable and supportive due to the inner mesh, that they wear these trunks all summer long, regardless of whether they are in the water or not.

Most of these trunks of today feature a microfiber weave that will allow for lightweight shorts and a very quick drying time for maximum comfort. Most of the swim trunks for men will have a draw string waist which will make the sizing less of a problem and allow for individual sizing options, and yet other men swim trunks may have zippers, buttons or hooks much like regular shorts. It is important to consider the width of the leg as well as the waist, however, as this will also determine the striding span and may become a hindrance during strenuous water activities.

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Make Your Customers Smile With Fun Promotional Products

For several decades, promotional products have been used extensively to attract customers without affecting marketing budgets. They provide long-term recall, foster brand loyalty and boost repeat business. Considered more effective than traditional marketing mediums such as television and print ads, promotional products have established a strong connect with customers and employees over the years.

Stats are heavily stacked in favor of promotional products. Did you know that over 75% of promotional products are kept and used by recipients for close to a year?

The promotional products you choose to represent your business need not be conservative. Why not go for something that is out of the ordinary to help potential customers take notice of your business? Using fun items as business promotional gifts will help break the ice with customers, ensuring that they are reminded of your services whenever they need it.

The image you wish to portray to the world plays a part in building reputation for your business. When you decide to give away fun products, make sure that they are high in quality and practicality. Here are 3 reasons why you should include fun promotional products in your marketing campaign:

1. Unique and innovative impact: Several firms are already using conventional gifts such as pens, desk calendars and bags to promote their business. If you are looking to stand out in the crowd with distinctive yet quality-based giveaways, then fun promotional products are for you! Goofy items such as bobble head pens, fun stress relievers and funny hand sanitizers are great giveaways that will be warmly accepted by your customers and employees. Be assured that these items are highly appealing for people across all ages and demographics.

2. Extended visibility: Fun giveaways are guaranteed to pull your recipient’s heartstrings – they are destined to bring a smile on their faces. In most likelihood, they will take them home to their loved ones, ensuring that your brand is seen by families and friends.

3. High affordability: Marketing teams are often hard-pressed to explain expenditure for marketing campaigns. There is no such worry with fun promo items. These products are highly affordable and innovative at the same time – your recipients will appreciate these unique gifts. Count on them to give you valuable impressions for each dollar spent!

Distribute these fun giveaways at trade shows, outdoor events and fundraisers. You can be assured that they will do a good job of promoting your brand’s message far and wide.